Where can I get a ROM?

We cannot help you with this. You must own a legal copy of the game and dump the ROM using an other software not provided by us. The ROMs we support are listed below.

What ROMs are supported?

Ocarina of Time Debug PAL GC (not Master Quest)

Currently the recommended option

Build team: `[email protected]`
Build date: `03-02-21 00:49:18` (year-month-day)
sha1: cee6bc3c2a634b41728f2af8da54d9bf8cc14099

Ocarina of Time PAL GameCube

May lead to crashes and instability

sha1: 0227d7c0074f2d0ac935631990da8ec5914597b4

Ocarina of Time Debug PAL GC MQ

Dungeons will be Master Quest

Build team: `[email protected]`
Build date: `03-02-21 00:16:31` (year-month-day)
sha1: 079b855b943d6ad8bd1eb026c0ed169ecbdac7da (Produced by decomp)
sha1: 50bebedad9e0f10746a52b07239e47fa6c284d03 (Alternate)

We are not distributing any Nintendo owned IP. Users must provide legally obtained ROMs to experience Ship of Harkinian. We also have a strict no piracy policy enforced around our community.

What features are planned?

In completely random order, these are the things currently on our radar, no ETAs:

  • Custom model support
  • Custom audio support
  • Mod support (with scripting language)
  • Parity with other randomizers
  • Support for more ROM versions

Why aren't ETAs given?

This is a project done by volunteers during their spare time for free. The work gets accomplished by whoever's interested in implementing what, with a few things being prioritized as milestones for stable releases. To set deadlines would be to create unrealistic expectations that would likely never be met and cause disappointment.

Will you also port Majora's Mask?

Eventually. Work cannot even begin on this until the MM decomp project has completed. Check back in 2024.

Will you port SOH to x platform/console?

This primarily relies on someone contributing to the project the work to support x platform/console. If you think you can help us support a new platform/console please reach out!

I used save states, now things are broken!

Save states are an experimental feature and not fully supported. Use at your own risk.

I crashed in a cutscene while using free-cam!

There is a known issue with the Free Camera enhancement causing crashes in certain cutscenes for some users. As a workaround, please disable the Free Camera enhancement prior to triggering the cutscene.

Cutscenes known to cause the crash include:

  • Slingshot Minigame/Deku Seed Bag
  • Bombing Dodongo's Cavern Entrance
  • Catching a Fish
  • Biggoron Waking (Death Mountain Trail)

We are having trouble reproducing this bug ourselves. Please feel free to attach your log file to the thread titled "Crashing during cutscenes?" on our Discord.

Why is this project called Ship of Hark--

Enough! My ship sails in the morning!