ROM Dumping Guide

The below steps will explain how to obtain a ROM from your legally sourced, official GameCube disc.
Reminder: Obtaining the Official Game Disc is your responsibility.
You can also get a supported ROM from a PAL N64 cartridge, but that requires specialized hardware and is beyond the scope of this guide.


  • Softmodded Wii or Wii U
  • PAL/European Gamecube Disc
  • Windows PC (it could work on Linux/macOS, but is currently untested)
  • Dolphin
  • HxD or equivalent hex editor
  • Ship of Harkinian ( GitHub | Discord )


  1. Dump your game disc using your modded Wii or Wii U. Transfer the dump to your PC.
    1. Dumping Wii/Gamecube Games @ Wii Guide
    2. Ripping Games @ Dolphin Wiki
  2. Use Dolphin to extract the file system contents of your disc dump.
    1. ISO Filesystem Browsing @ VG Resource Wiki
  3. Open the relevant .tgc file in HxD using the information in the table below:
  4. Disc
    Ocarina of Time & Master Quest
    Ocarina of Time & Master Quest
    Zelda Collector's Edition
    Ocarina of Time
  5. Open the "Select block" window (Ctrl + E). In the Start-offset field, enter the relevant starting offset from the table below:
  6. Disc
    Starting Offset

    Ocarina of Time & Master Quest

    Ocarina of Time
    Master Quest
    Zelda Collector's Edition
    Ocarina of Time

    AU OoT & Master Quest

    Ocarina of Time
    Master Quest
  7. Ensure the Length and Hex options are checked, then enter 2000000 (2,000,000) into the Length field.
    dump guide select block
  8. Once you've entered the correct Length and Start-offset, click "OK". The raw bytes of the ROM should be selected.
  9. Copy the selected data (Ctrl + C)
    1. Create a new blank file (Ctrl + N)
    2. Paste the data (Ctrl + N)
      Note: If HxD displays a message about changing the file size, click "OK".
  10. Save the file (Ctrl + S) with a .z64 extension, and place it in your Ship of Harkinian installation location, next to soh.exe.
  11. Validate your dumped ROM using
  12. Proceed with setting up Ship of Harkinian as dictated in your Platform Guide.