Nintendo Switch Setup Guide

Step 1: Downloading the Ship of Harkinian

Note: This is the code that will interact with the Assets required in Step 2. This does NOT provide you with any Nintendo Licensed Assets…

Note: You will need a PC to complete this process.

On your PC

Click here to go to the releases page on GitHub, where you will find the links for all latest versions of Ship of Harkinian. Find and click the link that matches the PC platform you will be using. Also download the link that says Switch, you will need this later.
Note: The PC platform version is required to generate the oot.otr that will be used later on the Switch.

Extract the Zip file into a Folder on your Local Hard Drive for later.
Note: Do NOT just open the zip and run SoH from there, things will break.
Note: Do NOT extract this to C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, or a cloud drive location, things will break.

Step 2: Obtaining a ROM (Legally)

Follow Step 2: Obtaining a ROM (Legally) and Step 3: Extracting the Assets and Launching Ship of Harkinian on the PC Platform you selected above.

Step 3: Extracting the Assets and Launching Ship of Harkinian

Once the oot.otr file has been generated, you no longer need the PC Platform build. The remainder of the steps here will be using the Switch files you downloaded earlier in Step 1.

Create the following folder structure on your SD card:
└── switch
└── soh
└── oot.otr
└── soh.nro
└── soh.otr

On your Switch

Insert the SD Card and launch the game via Atmosphere’s Game+R launcher method.

Congratulations, you can now play Ocarina of Time on the Ship of Harkinian.