Updating the Ship of Harkinian

When a new version of the Ship of Harkinian releases, you will need to manually update your game in order to obtain the new features and fixes in the latest release. The steps listed below will outline how to do so.

Download the Latest Version

As you have done before, click here to be taken to the GitHub releases page. Find and click the download link that matches your desired platform.

Note: Keep in mind, randomizer seeds that you have created on older builds are not guaranteed to operate outside of the build they were generated on. It is recommended that you complete those seeds prior to updating.

Determining Next Steps

If the update requires a fresh extraction of oot.otr/oot-mq.otr, the game will tell you on next run and guide you through the process in the same way as a fresh install. For console platforms, you will be informed and instructed to regen on your PC platform.